Outreach is more important than ever today because people are generations removed from the farm. The Foundation believes there is great value in connecting people to their source of food, fiber and fuel in our communities.

Foundation funded outreach projects have included: Ag in the Classroom, school book donations, farm field trips, livestock educational signs, scholarships for college students, social media outreach, support of youth programs, Summer Ag Institute for teachers, ag-related community projects, CONNECTIONS magazine, combine rides, a harvest dinner, and an ag literacy library of resources, among others.

The Foundation can make a difference by educating others and improving public perception. We can share our story about how farmers provide a safe, abundant food supply and passionately care about their animals and the land.

Foundation priorities are: ag literacy, community and consumer outreach, ag leadership, information, ag heritage and scholarships.

It is the goal of the Foundation to raise awareness and build understanding for the endless possibilities of educating others about agriculture.